Money/Track’s RE Broker II Commercial Real Estate Management System is the ultimate tool for today’s busy real estate professionals and property managers. It’s designed to save massive amounts of time and money. The system integrates database processing with word processing. All correspondence to buyers and sellers is fully automated with the click of a mouse. All correspondence is recorded and logged to keep track of what was sent to who and when. 
· Match Buyers and Sellers with the click of a mouse. Match buyers with potential 

  properties. Match sellers with potential buyers. 
· Save Matches 
· Print Factsheets and legal forms that extract data directly from the database. 
· Schedule Showings and keep track of appointments. 
· Make Offers 
· Negotiate Deals 
· Manage Deals 
· Manage Commissions 
· Correspondence to Buyers and Sellers 
· Print Invoices, Client Statements and Broker Statements