Welcome to the Money/Track website. Money/Track provides financial management, accounting and bookkeeping services for small and home businesses in the New York Metropolitan Area. We also provide custom software, internet/intranet database applications and technical support for our clients' computer systems. Our clients are primarily medical and diagnostic centers, physicians and dentists. We have also implemented computer systems and networks for our clients in the brokerage, international banking, urban development and entertainment industries. 

Company Profile

Money/Track was started in 1992 with one client, J and H Radiologic Management. We contracted with J and H to create a computer program to manage their insurance claims. The program was then copywritten and licensed for use by J and H and several other companies. Since then we have designed several other products and license them for use. 

Our goal is to provide other small and home businesses with the financial and technical services they need. We want to setup your computers and computerize your accounting, payroll, inventory and financial systems and provide custom programs, databases, e-commerce, online trading and online banking solutions. We also want to provide projects for our colleagues and friends that have skills in the financial and information technology fields.   

 MoneyTrack, Inc.